November 15, 2017

baby, nursing

When you got the news that you are pregnant, you knew life is going to be different post delivery or maybe forever. When the baby arrives, along with the excitement of welcoming the baby at home, you know your body is going to experience many changes in the coming months such as sore perineum  and breast enlargement, etc, many of which we discussed in the prequel to this blog.

However, there are some more changes that most women do not know of. Let’s explore another top 5 postpartum changes:


After delivery, a women’s body feels chills. This is common after delivering the baby. Although, it lasts only a few hours, in some cases, it may remain for a few weeks. It entirely depends on the body as the level of shivering and feeling of cold may vary.  Some doctors say that this can also happen due to sudden hormonal changes in the body. Although, it is normal, keeping the body warm is important. Using warm blankets for the initial weeks in recommended. 

Hair Fall

Several women experience shiny and healthy locks during pregnancy. But, the story turns to be pretty different post delivery. Your hair will go back to normal and it may seem like you are losing your hair. But the good news is that there is nothing abnormal about that. The period of hair fall starts postpartum and lasts around 6 weeks.

hair loss


You give birth to the baby and get back in shape – well, it is not how it goes.

Post pregnancy, the uterus takes minimum 6-8 weeks to get back to its normal size. You cannot expect to get in shape immediately after you give birth to the child. Only with the help of a healthy diet and right exercise, can one achieve a flat belly.

Tender Muscles

It is common to have sore muscles, especially in arms, jaw, and neck regions post partum. This is due to the hard work that your body has done during labor and usually goes away in a couple of days. Because of the vigorous pushing, you may also have bloodshot eyes for a short duration.

If you have had a cesarean delivery, a tear in your vaginal area may make walking difficult. Your first few bowel movements can be painful due to this. Try consuming fluids to reduce the pain.     

back pain



Shortly post partum, you will throw out a bloody discharge from the vagina. The liquid turns pinkish within a week and later turns white or yellow after 10 days. The lochia lasts for a period of 2-4 weeks post delivery. However, it may again occur after 2-3 months. Try using sanitary pads instead of tampons during this time to avoid infection. In addition to this, make sure you change your pad every 4 hours.   

At first, the post delivery changes can be quite disturbing, but the beautiful feeling of becoming a mother surpasses all discomforts. So, if you just started experiencing these symptoms, don’t stress yourself and simply enjoy this beautiful journey of motherhood.