Ladies, welcome to the Happy Maternity community! We are so glad you found us and we hope we can make this relationship worthwhile. 

I am Florence, the co-founder of Happy Maternity and I am a mum, just like you!

I live in Sunny Island, Singapore. I have two wonderful kids and baby number 3 is on its way.


The idea behind Happy Maternity

It was during my own pregnancy and breastfeeding moments that I realized how difficult it was to find good quality maternity nursing innerwear and clothes. I was not satisfied with what was available. It suddenly hit me that I could do something in this regard. And that was how the idea for starting Happy Maternity was shaped.


Our Goal at Happy Maternity

Our goal is to provide mums with quality innerwear and apparel that they can wear during pregnancy and beyond. Mummies, we want to make your lives a little easier by helping you buy these clothing from the comfort of your homes.

We firmly believe that happiness is very important! But owning quality bras and clothes that last long come a close second ;).


And we take our goals very seriously!

Being a mum who has breastfed both her kids, I perfectly understand what women want in nursing bras and maternity clothes. I personally select the fabrics and our team spends a lot of time creating and testing new designs to make sure we present to you only the best apparel. We have a seamless process in place right from manufacturing to delivery. This ensures that all our products are aesthetic, comfortable, high-quality, and reach to your doorstep without any hassles.


There’s Love in there…

We design the packaging and inserts very carefully and ensure it’s done beautifully for every mummy. When you hold your order in your hands, remember that it is something we have made and packed with lots of love.


Stay tuned for more!!

We are in the process of designing more wonderful products for you. Stay connected with us on Instagram and Facebook and we will share some sneak peeks with you! ;)


We’d love to hear from you!

We love feedback! If you love our products, do let us know. It motivates us to work harder. And if you don’t like something about our products, help us improve by sharing your experience.

If there’s anything you’d like to say or ask, I am here for you. Just drop an email to me at flo@happymaternity.com.


Yours truly,

Chief Mummy Officer